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Lagos Public Engagement Events

Public Art Exhibition and Workshops

Our public engagement programme includes a street exhibition across Lagos and a series of academic events discussing project findings and drawing upon visual methods, engineering, and social/ethnographic research.

Taking place in Lagos, these events include a Public Art Exhibition of Andrew Esiebo’s ethnographic photography and the showcase of project findings, at various vulcanizers’ workstations across the mega-city. As our art curator, Inês Valle, states: ‘This public exhibition take the form of an urban acupuncture for the city, extending the reach of art and scientific knowledge to a broader audience across multiple urban hubs’.

This interdisciplinary exhibition titled ‘Pneumacity Lagos’ aims to examine how both formal and informal infrastructures impact the well-being of city dwellers, with a particular focus on the everyday item we often take for granted – motor vehicle tyres. Tyres represent the ingenuity and resilience of urban life in African megacities. The challenge of recycling end-of-life tyres, often sidelined in policy discussions and environmental agendas, poses a significant global issue with widespread implications for health and well-being. Yet, it also serves as a source of creativity and livelihood, as our exhibition and wider project demonstrate.

To commemorate the exhibition, we have produced a limited-edition publication featuring original essays from various investigators and researchers involved in the project, sharing their insights and experiences of conducting research in the exhibition ‘Pneumacity Lagos.’

In addition to the street exhibition across seven public venues in Lagos, a roundtable conference on November 10th and an art-led workshop on November 15th are also taking place in Lagos Universities.